Amy Secrist

Amy has been practicing and studying yoga for close to 25 years and has been teaching for over 17. She has studied with teachers David Swenson, Tim Miller, Jivana Heyman, and Anne Douglas among many others during her training at Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio. Amy spent the beginning of her yoga teaching journey in the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga which focuses on cleansing and healing the body by linking one posture to the next through a strong and purposeful breath. While Ashtanga provided a firm foundation for her practice, Amy has spent years exploring and teaching Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Resilience-Focused & Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Mindful Movement for Resilience, Yoga for Senior Citizens, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Veterans, and themed workshop-style classes, such as her signature series Yoga TLC.  Her formal and informal trainings and certifications in trauma-awareness, resilience, accessibility, contemplation, racial + social justice, and mindfulness enhance her ability to offer practices that meet students where they are on their journey.

Her approach to teaching is individualized as she seeks to address the needs of each student in the class making yoga accessible for all. She encourages everyone to question, experiment, and take ownership of their yoga practice by deciding what works best for them. As a teacher, Amy is clear, kind, and easy-going, challenging and supportive, contemplative and practical.

Spiritually, Amy embraces wisdom found in many traditions, honoring the teachers, lineages, and scriptures from around the world.  After practicing Catholicism for 43 years, she has greatly benefited from the Franciscan teachings of the Universal Christ, as well as teachings on the divine feminine as offered by Mirabi Starr.  Tibetan Buddhist The Dalai Lama, South African Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu, and Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings have had an enormous  impact on Amy’s practice and guiding.  Amy is passionate about honoring and reclaiming the practices that serve the good of all and has created courses and practices that support wholeness, well-being, strength, and joy in the face of difficulty, as well as during times of ease.

Amy has been studying and practicing the art of reading and writing for over 25 years with formal training at The Ohio State University and The Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College, Vermont. She holds a BA and MA in English with a focus in writing. She enjoys teaching writing to students of all ages, elementary through college, and beyond in multiple genres, such as personal essay, poetry, & creative nonfiction. 

She cites some of the most influential coursework during her studies as Critical Theory with JF Buckley, Poetry Workshop with Paul Muldoon, and Mindfulness Based Emotional Resilience (EMBER) Yoga with Michele Vinbury.  These influences support, enhance, and inspire her to teach from a place of embodiment and wholeness.   She views her work as a way to offer self-study, reflection, & awareness practices that invite students to feel safe-enough & brave-enough to embark on their own journey of self-inquiry, self-connection, self-exploration, & self-liberation.

Amy offers abundant gratitude for each and every one of her teachers, their teachers, and their teachers back & forward throughout time, as well as her ancestors, guides, mentors, and all deep wisdom lineages and traditions that benefit the highest good of all.  


“Amy is warm, kind and fun. She makes the class feel SAFE and like you are able to do the work you need.”

– Yoga Student, Therapist & Counselor, LPC, MFT

One of the best yoga classes I have ever taken! Everything is explained so perfectly and there’s no pressure to do things that don’t feel right. Everyone can learn and go their own pace and that’s exactly what I needed!

– Yoga Student

“Excellent job defining + explaining the [class] theme. [Amy’s] teaching is so fluid + feels effortless – this gives students a sense of ease — that ‘[she’s] got this.’ [Her] confident, grounded yet humorous demeanor goes a long way to create ‘safe’ space — beautiful integration of [class themes] + trauma-sensitive principles.

– E RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Trainer + Mentor

“I ❤ her – relatable + kind/strong.”

– Ember Yoga Student

“It is so obvious how much [Amy] cares and how [her] heart is entirely in when [she] teaches. this is such a great feeling to get from a teacher.”

– Fellow Yoga Teacher

“Amy [is] very inclusive + made a very welcoming + warm environment for everyone.”

– Ember Yoga Student

“Personalization — Amy has an excellent way of meeting the levels of her students. Love of yoga — Amy transfers this love to her students.”

– Yoga Student

“I just adore [Amy’s] authenticity. [She shows up as her] real true whole self on the mat (and always!) As a student, it makes me trust…delight in learning…join as a willing participant on the journey.”

– Fellow Yoga Teacher

“She is very caring about our class.”

– Ember Yoga Student

“[Amy’s strengths are her] clear guidance. [She is] intentional; encouraging; challenging but safe, and always reminding us to listen to our bodies; to be mindful.”

– Yoga Student

“[Amy is] engaging & has a great presence — [she] teaches from a place of
openness & peace & knowledge — ❤ !”

-Fellow Yoga Teacher

“[Amy’s strengths are her] depth + lightness (levity, room to smile). Great class – loved the opportunity to explore and listen to my body.”

– Yoga Teacher

“[Amy’s teaching is] so incredibly natural. Everything about [her] presence was so welcoming, non-judgmental + so very genuine. I can feel [her] passion – it’s palpable. [She has] so much to offer this world — we are so lucky ❤ “

-Fellow Yoga Teacher

“Fun wisdom — So much creativity!”

– Fellow Yoga Teacher

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