Professional Bio

Amy Secrist has been practicing and studying yoga for 20 years and has been teaching for 16. She has studied under respected teachers David Swenson and Tim Miller during her training at Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio. Amy spent the beginning of her yoga teaching journey in the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga which focuses on cleansing and healing the body by linking one posture to the next through a strong and purposeful breath. While Ashtanga has provided a firm foundation for her practice, Amy explores and teaches Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, workshop-style classes, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Yoga for Resilience, Yoga for kids, and Yoga for Veterans.

Her approach to teaching is individualized as she seeks to address the needs of each student in the class. She encourages everyone to question, experiment, and take ownership of their yoga practice by deciding what works best for them. As a teacher, Amy is direct and easy-going, challenging and supportive, contemplative and practical.

Spiritually, Amy practices Christianity and welcomes the wisdom found in many denominations, faiths, and ancient traditions (as well as science!).  Raised Roman Catholic, committing to the faith in the 8th grade, recommitting to the faith at age 19, and committing once at again at age 41, she sees herself as an engaged Catholic, finding ways to live her faith in daily life, embracing the challenges, and honoring the gifts. 

Amy has also studied and practiced the art of reading and writing at The Ohio State University and The Bread Loaf School of English (at Middlebury College, Vermont). She holds a BA and MA in English with a focus in writing. She cites the two most influential classes during her studies as Critical Theory with JF Buckley and Poetry Workshop with Paul Muldoon.

because Christ is everywhere