About The Catholic Yogi

The Catholic Yogi is entering a time of transition.  By June of 2021, this website will have a new steward, a new name, a fresh face, and a bright future.

Some background:

I founded this website in 2013 in hopes that other seekers wouldn’t feel alone.

The advent of The Catholic Yogi grew out of the encouragement of a dear friend who insisted I start writing about my journey as a Catholic and a Yogi of sorts, as it is, she mentions, quite a unique place to be. I suppose it is unique because I honor the traditions of yoga and follow Christ; I don’t change the Sanskrit names or the shapes of the poses when I’m praying or practicing, and I don’t call necessarily call Christ Isvara when I’m on my mat or in the company of fellow yogis. It seems God has blessed me with a contentment of sorts, as I am not “afraid” of the yoga because I know  God is big, and I am not timid about Christ because I know our God is big. This catholic-yoga dynamic has been a serious journey for me for years. So, I’ve embarked on the journey of engaging it in a huge way, through The Catholic Yogi and the encouragement of my dear friend, without whose support this exploration and this little community would not be possible.

At The Catholic Yogi I post information about my yoga classes. I also hope to post encouragement for yoga practice at home, as well as ways you can invite your yoga practice into your Catholic identity and invite Christ into your yoga.  I hope to offer a place where seekers can seek without fear.

Please accept my invitation to visit Love and Be Loved, where I publish observations, poems, and prayers that speak to my daily practice as a wife, a mother, a writer, a listener, a yogi ~ a human!  Soon amysecrist.com will be a place to support my work as a yoga, meditation, and writing teacher.

because Christ is everywhere