About The Catholic Yogi

The advent of The Catholic Yogi grew out of the encouragement of a dear friend who insisted I start writing about my journey as a Catholic and a Yogi of sorts, as it is, she mentions, quite a unique place to be. I suppose it is unique because I keep the yoga “yogic” and keep my Catholicism focused on Christ; I don’t change the Sanskrit names or the shapes of the poses when I’m praying or practicing, and I don’t call Christ Isvara when I’m on my mat or in the company of fellow yogis. It seems God has blessed me with a contentment of sorts, as I am not “afraid” of the yoga because I know our God is big, and I am not timid about Christ because I know our God is big. This catholic-yoga dynamic has been a serious journey for me for years. So, I’m engaging it in a huge way, now, with The Catholic Yogi and the encouragement of my dear friend, without whose support this would not be possible. God’s will is moving, and I am thankful for it!

At The Catholic Yogi I will post information about my yoga classes. I also hope to post encouragement for yoga practice at home, as well as ways you can invite your yoga practice into your Catholic identity and invite Christ into your yoga.


Please accept my invitation to visit Love and Be Loved, where I publish observations, poems, and prayers that speak to my daily practice as a catholic, a wife, a mother, a writer, a listener, and a yogi.

because Christ is everywhere