Yoga Practice Guidelines

Before You Practice:

Be sure you are not full from a large meal.  It’s best to wait 1-3 hours after eating before you practice.

If practicing at home, consider tidying up your space before you set up your mat to create a serene and comforting atmosphere.  Gather blankets, blocks, or other props so everything is at hand. If you’re using a book, article, video or other guide, have that squared away before your first mindful breath.

Consider setting an intention for your practice, acknowledging what you hope to notice, let go of, discover, or cultivate.  Or, decidedly come to the mat completely open to whatever the practice has to teach you this day.


During Your Practice:

Be mindful of your breath and allow the breath to guide and support the postures.

Be curious about what the practice offers you and what the practice might uncover.

Move slowly and work in a way that promotes healing and ease.

Refrain from forcing the body and the breath.  Anything that creates painful sensation should be avoided.

Pay close attention to sensation and respond to the body with kindness and gentleness.

Enjoy the practice!


After Your Practice:

Allow a few moments after final relaxation to observe the mind, notice the breath, and acknowledge any positive sensations, thoughts, or emotions.

Consider offering yourself gratitude for the time and energy you gave to the practice, as well as offering gratitude to the practice itself, and all who made it possible for you to share in the practice today.

Make a commitment to move through the rest of your day with kindness, gratitude, mindfulness or heartfulness.


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