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The Mission of The Catholic Yogi is to be Love-Drawn (rather than fear-driven). The work here looks to heal divides while instilling awe & wonder in ourselves, in each other, in God, and in what it means to be human.

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“It is evident that Amy is passionate about Yoga which, I feel, is a strength and makes her a very good teacher.  Her knowledge about Yoga is also an important strength that she brings to her class.  What stood out in her class was how comfortable I was.  I was not worried about whether or not I was doing a pose correctly or whether or not I was going to benefit from Yoga because of modifications I might have to make.  She kept reminding the class to listen to our bodies and that poses should not be painful.  This helped me to relax and get the maximum experience of her Yoga class.  I felt amazing after this class.”

– Yoga Student

One of the best yoga classes I have ever taken! Everything is explained so perfectly and there’s no pressure to do things that don’t feel right. Everyone can learn and go their own pace and that’s exactly what I needed!

– Yoga Student

because Christ is everywhere