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Amy Secrist is a Catholic, a wife, and a mother of four (ages 15, 10, 8, & 7). She prays, teaches & practices postural yoga & meditation, snuggles, reads, writes, walks, and eats chocolate in a small town in Mid-Ohio.

Power Yoga for Athletes

Power Yoga for Athletes
July 22; 10:00 -11:30am
No Limits Studio
$15 drop-in

Power Yoga for Athletes is just like Power Yoga Practice with a focus on stamina, strength, suppleness, and restoration — all things that can aid in athletics.  So, yeah, it’ll feel pretty familiar to regular Power Yoga students.  😉  Power Yoga Practice is about cultivating the strength and accessing the power to acknowledge and move away from ego-driven tendencies like vanity, greed, self-criticism, and division, and move toward benevolent qualities, such as self-compassion, gratitude, loving-kindness, and unity.  Power Yoga Practice empowers you to make wise choices. 

Power Yoga Practice Opportunities:
10:00 – 11:30am on July 15 & 29 at No Limits Studio in Lexington.
Athletes welcome!

Can’t wait to see you!