A New Year Mantra for Lent

Three months removed from the start of the year, and embarking on the first week of Lent, it seems fitting to revisit our new year mantra (with a twist into first person):

Seek to bring out the good in those around me,
and I will find the best in myself.

How does this look manifested in our real and very daily lives?

Sometimes it is what we don’t do that creates change.  Seeking to bring out the good in others might best come by way of self-restraint.  Practicing silence, aside from many other benefits, can allow those around us to blossom.

These next weeks as we move toward Spring, let’s be patient, dig into the last of Winter, and embrace a kind of dormancy of speech.  May we be delighted by what we find growing all around us come Eastertime.

2 thoughts on “A New Year Mantra for Lent”

  1. Oh no! Does this mean were going to have a silent class tonight? 🙂 Just kidding!
    I am trying to teach my K students to wait before raising their hand to answer a question. I tell them this is “think time.” Even if they are 100% sure they know the answer, I want them to think their response through and learn to listen to their peers. They have to wait until I say hands. Silence, after asking a question is hard for a teacher to accept. So I’m teaching myself to slow down too. It’s wonderful to hear other students contributing to the class discussion, and hopefully the “quick responders” see things from a different perspective. Work in progress, as is everything in a K classroom! 🙂
    Silence….listening to others…..self restraint……. hearing and obeying God…..going to practice more of this in my life.

    1. :). I hadn’t thought of that… Good idea! Love what you’re trying in your classroom. Yes, we are all works in progress even after kindergarten (!). I’m going to be doing lots of practicing. Glad to know we’re in this together.

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